Promattex International offers a new home range of customizable textiles.
Pillow case, laundry bag, table runner, table set, coaster etc.
With a natural linen aspect and a very soft touch, those quality products will enhance all types of interiors.

This bag is perfect as laundry bag, sport bag, shopping bag, suitcase organizer etc…

• Dimensions 40 x 50 cm
• 100% polyester with a natural linen aspect
• Sublimable on both sides

For private users, this bag will make the difference with a personalized humorous or friendly message.
Professionals could use this bag to convey their brand image and surprise customers by slipping goodies inside.
This item is perfectly suited for souvenir gift industries and shops.

Caracteristic(s) :
- 40 x 50 cm
- Polyester linen look
- Sublimable on both sides
Conditionning) :
- Individual packaging
- 5 per bag
- 50 per box
Marking Condition(s) :
Temperature : 205°
Time : 50 seconds
Pressure : 5 (medium)