Promattex International offers a new home range of customizable textiles.
Pillow case, laundry bag, table runner, table set, coaster etc.
With a natural linen aspect and a very soft touch, those quality products will enhance all types of interiors.

This customizable table runner with a natural linen aspect
will boost your decoration and give an authentic look to your furniture.

• Dimensions 100 x 30 cm
• 100% polyester with a natural linen aspect
• Sublimable on front side

This table runner is one perfect tool for professionals who want to communicate on their business
and reinforce a visual communication approach.
This product can also be offered as a gift in souvenir shops.

Thanks to Promattex International products, you can now fully customize your table with pictures or colors that you like
(table runner, table set and coaster)

Caracteristic(s) :
- 100 x 30 cm
- Polyester linen look
- Sublimable on front side
Conditionning) :
- individual packaging
- 5 per bag
- 100 per box
Marking Condition(s) :
Temperature : 205°
Time : 50 seconds
Pressure : 5 (medium)