Promattex International offers a new home range of customizable textiles.
Pillow case, laundry bag, table runner, table set, coaster etc.
With a natural linen aspect and a very soft touch, those quality products will enhance all types of interiors.

Choose those customizable coasters to give an authentic look to your decoration.
They will give a lot of charm and a personal touch to your home.

• Dimensions 10 x 10 cm
• 100% polyester with a natural linen aspect
• Sublimable on front side

Coasters are perfect as table decoration,
they allow to create a personalized atmosphere while protecting your furniture.
You can print a picture, a logo, or a humorous message in order to stand out.
For professionals, these coasters are excellent advertising tools.
Practical and economical they will allow you to communicate with originality about your company.
This product can also be sold as a gift in souvenir shops.

Thanks to Promattex International products, you can now fully customize your table with pictures or colors that you like
(table runner, table set and coaster)

Caracteristic(s) :
- 10 x 10 cm
- Polyester linen look
- Sublimable on front side
Conditionning) :
- 10 per bag
- 1000 per box
Marking Condition(s) :
Temperature : 205°
Time : 50 seconds
Pressure : 5 (medium)