Pneumatic press for standard mug with integrated compressor

The Promamug MGP press is a single station pneumatic press designed for heat transfer on a standard 8 to 9 cm diameter mug or similar cylindrical objects.

The MGP offers you true working comfort. Indeed, when you place the mug in its location, the press detects its presence through a contactor and closes automatically. The heating starts and the press stays at the set temperature for the set time.

At the end of the settled time, the press opens automatically, starts ringing and goes down to its latent temperature.

These features have two advantages:
- No need to interrupt your work in order to remove the mug from the press
- Prevent burning the impression by leaving the mug too long exposed to a high temperature.

The large LCD control panel on this machine makes it easy to monitor and control temperature, time and pressure.

The MGP also has an integrated compressor and is therefore the ideal press for small spaces or itinerant activities.
Caracteristic(s) :
- Size : 19,8 x 17,8 x 31,5 cm
- Integrated compressor
- Power : 280 W
- Voltage : 220 V
- Programmable timer with alarm
- Digital thermostat : 0 to 190° C
- Time setting from 0 à  999 sec.
- Standard resistance size : Ø 8,1 cm / H : 11,5 cm
- Weight : 2,8 kg
- Warranty 1 year return workshop without resistance
- EC Certified
Conditionning) :
Package sizes : 39*28*24 cm
Gross weight : 4.5 kg