Continuous printing and piece-by-piece

The Transmatic 7240 Sport is a versatile grille for large format sublimation printing. Suitable for the EPSON Surecolor SC-F6000 printer, the Trans 7240 Sport allows for in-piece or continuous printing with a maximum width of 120 cm.
Reliable, its oil bath heating system keeps a constant and steady temperature.

Practical and precise, the TRANS 7240 Sport has 2 electronic thermostats, the first for oil control and the other for the outside of the cylinder, as well as digital speed control.

Trans 7240 Sport:
- 3 drives with motorized axis
- Receiving treadmill
- Cylinder diameter 20 cm
- Production 1 ML/minute
- Manual clamping of the chucks by conical system
- Tension manually adjustable

Being the lightest model in the TRANSMATIC Sport range, the TRANS 7240 Sport is originally equipped with only 2 front winders.

Promattex, the brand’s distributor, improved the basic version to make it operational. The TRANS 7240 Sport now consists of 3 reels: one for lost paper, the other for sublimation paper and the last for the print medium. A motorized rewinder has also been integrated in the back of the machine for a better comfort of use.
Caracteristic(s) :
- Felt size: 130 cm
- Working width: 120 cm
- Weight: 1,070 kg
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 215 x 160 x 160 cm
- Power: 7 KW - 29 A - 380 volt
- Cylinder: Ø 20 cm
- Production: 1 ML/min
- Automatic power off when 80° C temperature is reached