PromaFlex PVC Range

Economic flex pvc ideal for names and numbers

The PromaFlex PVC is a mat aspect film, thicker and more economical than Promaflex PU.
His non-adhesive base makes a quicker weeding of big details. It is the ideal product for cutting of numbers. With a high covering power, it is suitable for most of the textile and provides great washing resistance up to 80 ° C.
Caracteristic(s) :
Thickness: 180 microns
Washing: up to 80°C
Conditionning) :
- Cutting width: 34 / 51 et 102 cm
- Length: 5 / 12,5 / 25 ML
Marking Condition(s) :
Temperature : 140 to 160°C
Time: 8 to 12'
Peeling: tepid to cold
Download(s) :