Cap Press : CQ-1359EAER

Evolutive and electromagnet heat-press

The CQ-1359EAER promacap is an electromagnet press, size of 13,5 x 9 cm, designed to transfer on caps, bandanas, bucket hats, short sleeves and some types of luggage. It is an evolutive press thanks to its optional accessories easily interchangeable which provides many transfer possibilities such as on plates, badges, workwear etc…

Thanks to its tension system by lever, the support is well tightened on the inferior plate before marking. Moreover, this press has a double adjustment (frontward and backward) of inferior and superior plate, in order to fit onto all sizes and shapes of caps!

The manual closing and automatic opening of the heat plate require less effort and provide a working comfort. At the end of the transfer time, the press opens automatically, avoiding the marking and the support of being burnt. Besides, the automatic opening allows increasing the productivity, indeed a single operator can work on two presses at the same time.

Affordable and multi-purpose, the CQ-1359EAER will be soon profitable and will find its place easily in gift shops, workshops and for itinerate trade business.

Optional accessories

The Patch accessory, easily interchangeable, is composed of a heat plate and an inferior plate, size of 15 x 15 cm. These plates are used for small transfers on badges, home textile, workwear (with pocket), etc.…

The plate accessory is composed of 3 elements :
- An inferior plate Ø 15 cm
- Two heat plates Ø 12cm Ø and 15 cm to transfer easily on all sizes of plates.
Caracteristic(s) :
Size (L x H x P) : 23 x 51 x 67 cm
Plate size (L x P) : 13,5 x 9 cm
Digital thermostat : 0 à 250° C
Automatic digital timer programmable
Power : up to 700 W - 3A
Voltage : 220 V
Packaging sizes (L x H x P) : 62 x 35,8 x 46 cm
Weight : 15 Kg
Warranty 1 year carry-in / Certified CE