Uses a Graphtec CE6000-40 Cutting Plotter

The Graphtec I-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting System delivers a range of automated cutting applications and offers an in-house solution for digital print-and-cut jobs (labels & stickers) as well as the creation of gift boxes and pre-production packaging samples without the need for an operator.

A movable arm with vacuum suction cups lifts the sheets from the loading bin and inserts them into the tracer. Depending on their weight, the loading bin can hold 40 to 120 sheets. Additional sheets can be added even when the i-mark system works. The i-mark is equipped with its own vacuum compressor, which does not require an external air connection.

Perfect sheet alignment is achieved via crop mark reading for each individual sheet, with a camera equipped with I-Mark technology performing the crop mark adjustments in a fraction of a second. Software algorithms compensate for any distortion from the printing process to enable precise cutting with minimal bleed. There is also an option to cut perforated lines during file creation.

The i-mark system is compatible with sheets ranging from A4 (landscape) to 35 x 50 cm.
In addition to the semi-cutting of adhesive sheets, the i-mark & CE6000-40 Plus allow full-flesh cutting of labels, business cards, small boxes, etc. The cutting is done in dotted lines, leaving attachment points in the material to avoid separation during cutting operations.
The cutting speed varies depending on the complexity of the contour and the type of cut (semi-cut or full flesh).

The cutting parameters set by the software allows the use of crop marks as small as 4 millimeters, enabling maximization of the sheet size and minimal material wastage. Depending on the material being processed and the complexity of the image outline, the average cutting speed is 30-40 seconds for each sheet.

The i-mark system has three distinct components: the loading tray, the CE6000-40 Plus plotter and the cutting output tray. It must be placed on a table (minimum 60 x 67 cm) and the output tray can remain suspended above the edge.

The machine is connected to a computer via a USB cable. The i-mark software for Windows is easy to use. Apple Mac users can install the "Parallel" compatibility software. The software manages files in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw format. Slice contours must be saved at the same time as the markers.