Cutting plotter width 37.5 cm with tracking system

The GRAPHTEC CE7000 is equipped with great features such as a registration mark sensor for print & cut jobs, perforation cutting ability and a guaranteed cut accuracy of up to 5m at an extremely competitive and cost effective price point.

In addition to the ARMS 8.0 4-point marker detection system, the GRAPHTEC CE7000-40 has many advantages:
• Cutting force up to 450 gf
• Cutting speed: 600 mm/s
• 8 programmable cutting conditions
• Built-in display for intuitive operation
• Graphtec Pro Studio (PC only) / Graphtec Studio (Mac)
• Cutting Master 4 plug-in for Illustrator (PC & MAC) and Corel Draw
• Smartfeed workflow system
• LCD screen

The GRAPHTEC CE7000-40 is small, easily transportable, reliable and robust with a 37.5 cm adjustable width. It is ideal for professionals who want to have an attractive price-cutting plotter that can cut directly from Illustrator or Corel Draw.
Caracteristic(s) :
- CPU: 32-bit
- Drive: Digital servo motors
- Supportable width: 48.4 cm
- Cutaway width: 37.5 cm
- Cutting speed: 600 mm/s
- Cutting force up to 450 gf
- Mechanical resolution: 0.005 mm
- Interface: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet / USB 2.0
- Buffer: 2 MB
- Power supply: 100 to 240V / 50-60 Hz
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 77.2 x 31.3 x 29.2 cm
- Weight: 13 Kg
- Warranty 2 years return workshop/ CE certified
Accessory(ries) :
Optional(s) and consumable(s):
- Graphtec tool holders and compatible for CB 09U blade
- Graphtec blades and CB 09U compatible
- Graphtec tool holders and compatible for CB 15U blade
- Graphtec and CB 15U compatible blades
- Teflon strips for Graphtec CE7000