Bottle Stopper


This conical-shaped metal bottle stopper has 6 rubber circles for hermetic sealing. Its design allows it to adapt to all types of bottle: wine, champagne, olive oil, vinegar ... Its round head with sublimable aluminum plate allows a good grip and a communication medium always visible!

Height: 9 cm
Width: 3.2 cm
Aluminum plate: Ø 2.5 cm

It is delivered in an individual cardboard box. In brilliant silver metal, this rather "heavy" product (60 grams) is very qualitative.

This sublimable bottle stopper will make an excellent advertising medium for a wine cellar or a delicatessen. It will also make a personalized gift original for all wine and champagne lovers!
Caracteristic(s) :
Height: 9 cm
Width: 3.2 cm
Aluminum plate: Ø 2.5 cm
Conditionning) :
Individual packaging in black cardboard box
Cartons of 100 pieces
Marking Condition(s) :
Temperature: 180 ° C
Time: 30 seconds
Pressure: 5 (medium)

* Marking upside down (face-up printing)
* Remember to remove the protective film
* Immerse the plate in the water after marking