Glass ashtray


Glass ashtray with 4 cigarette holders.

Main characteristics:
• Transparent glass
• Smooth touch
• White polyester background for sublimation
• Bevelled edges
• 4 cigarette holders

• Outside of the ashtray Ø: 10 cm
• Internal of the ashtray Ø: 7.5 cm
• Height: 2.30 cm
• Sublimable area Ø: 9.4 cm

This sublimable ashtray is an excellent communication tool for your company.
It is also perfectly suitable for private users as a souvenir or personalized gift.

To mark the glass ashtray, no need to print in mirror effect, only the bottom of the ashtray is sublimated.
This way, the marking is protected from ashes and will remain bright for a long time!

Caracteristic(s) :
• Ashtray Ø: 10 cm
• Height: 2.30 cm
• Sublimable area Ø: 9.4 cm
• Material: crystal aspect glass
Conditionning) :
- Individual packaging
- 50 per box
Marking Condition(s) :
Temperature: 180 ° C
Time: 240 seconds
Pressure: 5 (in average)

* printing without mirror effect
* positioned in the middle of the press